Why I Took a Transformer to Work and Would Do It Again

Why I Took a Transformer to Work and Would Do It Again


Yes, this happened. Yesterday, I had no clue that I would be sneaking a Transformer into the office the next day. In fact, this is one of those moments I never saw coming–ever–yet here I am, with my son’s Transformer hiding behind me at my desk. Since the on/off switch doesn’t seem to work, the challenge of my day will be keeping him quiet. (Note to Self, Next Post: How to Keep a Transformer Quiet.)

Despite the comedic discomfort of it all, there was no way I was backing down from this. Why, you ask? Easy answer. Last night, my 5 year old wanted to make sure “mommy has something to play with at work.” Although I thought in the moment that he would forget by morning, especially after I returned it to the playroom, it appears the out of sight, out of mind technique was not effective here.

He talked about it all morning. “Make sure you put him in your work bag, mommy.” In the bag he goes. I can do that…just leave him in the car before I go in.

On the way to school. “Mommy, make sure you ask your boss if you are allowed to have toys at work.” That I cannot do, I thought, fighting a small pinch of mommy guilt, as I answered, “okay, bud.” (Eek, I just lied to my child.)

Of course, before reaching school, he expressed his excitement over seeing a picture of the Transformer at work. Considering this one does not involve my boss’ participation, I complied, before he happily hopped out of the car at school.

You see, what you don’t know yet is that, during this same car ride, this conversation occurred between him, his brother and me.

Sean (his brother): “My homework is harder than yours, NJ.”

Me: “That’s because you already did kindergarten. NJ will do your harder work next year in 1st grade.”

Sean: “Then mine will get harder and harder.”

NJ (my son): “Yeah, Sean. It will get harder and harder and harder until you are in the 10th grade!!!!”

Me: “That’s right…Wow! I will be old when you are in the 10th grade!”

NJ: “Don’t worry, mom. I will still love you.”

And, there you have it. My heart melted. The sweet words, “Don’t worry, mom. I will still love you” ringing in my ears. My sweet boy loves his mommy, no matter what. So, when he a few minutes later expressed his excitement over seeing a picture of the Transformer at work, it wasn’t really all that hard to oblige in the moment, and this conversation will undoubtedly be the highlight of my day.

I cannot help but be reminded about the innocence of our children, the simplicity in their lives. It is precious. I am 99% sure that the highlight of my son’s day will be seeing the picture of his Transformer on my desk, and I cannot wait to share that moment with him. This small (perhaps silly) task, for him, was not about the toy itself; it was about making sure his mommy had something with her to help her have a good day at work. While a mimosa at lunch would have been my default idea, I will gladly accept this instead any day.

Unless it is the giant dinosaur-spitting-balls toy next.. Will never fit in my bag. There are limits in life, my sweet child.

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