Love London Dai?

Influencer Program

Who is the London Dai Influencer Program for?

London Dai is proud to offer a collection of clothing to help each woman shine in her own style. If you are a fan of London Dai and have a social following, we created a special program to reward those helping to spread the word about London Dai Fashion. 

What do you receive?

In exchange for your fabulous contribution to your community, we would like to offer you deep discounts on our product so that you can enjoy life in a style you love. 

How to Sign Up:

1. Email and include INFLUENCER PROGRAM in the subject line. 
2. In a few sentences tell us about yourself, what you do and what platforms and online social communities you currently participate in. 
3. You will hear back from us shortly with next steps and if approved, will be on your way to shopping and enjoying London Dai’s collection with am amazing discount!