About Us

London Dai is a women’s online clothing boutique carrying the latest trends and unique styles. All of our items are hand-selected from our multiple global designers and suppliers, bringing you a mix of today’s hottest items in one convenient online store. We believe fashion plays an important role in a woman’s self-confidence and is an opportunity for her to feel good about herself. While many of our collections are influenced by our love of all things vintage, retro and Bohemian, we try to offer clothing and accessories to fit an eclectic sense of style.

We are always busy looking for new clothing and accessories to provide our customers with the latest styles. If you are a first-time customer, welcome! If you are a long-standing customer, thank you for returning! We hope you will continue to enjoy your shopping experience at London Dai.

Beyond providing the latest fashion, we also strive to make your shopping experience at London Dai positive. This includes our customer service, delivery times, and products. We value your feedback, and are always open to suggestions. We are working continuously to improve our site and processes to ensure our customers are happy. Email Style@LondonDai.com with any questions, comments or suggestions.